Commedia dell Lieberman: The Waterboard Edition

Prudence and I had theorized that Dick Cheney’s recent back injury–officially attributed to a strain that occurred while he was moving out of the Vice President’s official residence–occurred because he wouldn’t let anyone else touch his trove of locked filing cabinets. Because, seriously, Cheney seems about as likely to perform menial labor tasks as I am to balance my own checkbook.

But Sen. Joe Lieberman had his own suggestion about the Big Dick’s injury at this weekend’s annual Robert E. Lee dinner of the Alfalfa Club.

“I had no idea waterboards were so heavy,” the Connecticut senator reportedly quipped.

Lieberman, whose comedic chops are as notorious in DC as his predilection for switching sides when it suits his own ambition, seems to have had the best material of all the zingers that leaked from the annual booze-fueled elitist roast. Read more