Let the Swine Flu Conspiracies Begin!

Members of the Bilderberg Group have been amassing stockpiles of the Tamiflu vaccine in preparation for the deliberate release of this new strain of swine flu.

Known Bilderbergers like George Shultz, Lodewijk J.R. de Vink and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars if the pace of infection sparks a pandemic. Either that, or they want to kill off masses and destabilize the community of nations to finally secure their path to global domination.

Or maybe Obama owns shares in the company with an exclusive patent on the drug that can treat swine flu.  It’s also entirely likely he directly ordered the dispersion of the virus to consolidate his own hold on power by instilling fear in the public. That martial law people have been expecting him to order since inauguration may be the ultimate goal of this Obamanized epidemic policy.  Buy your guns now!!!

However, it could also be a hybrid virus made to order by the WHO and the CDC so that their “boy who cried wolf” scenarios for a worldwide pandemic could be realized.

But you can’t avoid the possibility that illegal Mexican immigrants are doing this on purpose, deciding to wipe out their northern neighbor by carrying a biological weapon across the border.

Most likely, however, Santa Claus is just too fucking sick of having to deliver so many packages on Christmas Eve. Read more