W.A.R! What Is He Good For?

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According to the Alaska Legislature, absolutely nothing! Sarah Palin’s choice for Attorney General, Wayne Anthony Ross, was rejected on Thursday in a 35-23 vote by a joint session of the House and Senate. I suppose the decision might have had something to do with W.A.R’s describing gay people as “degenerates” in a letter to the Alaska Bar Rag, or telling the Legislature that they should fill the Juneau senator seat without fretting their pretty heads as to whether it was legal or illegal. Or perhaps it was because W.A.R seems to think think white men should have more rights and control over their lives than women or Native Alaskans? 

However, I should in fairness let W.A.R convince you in his own inimitable words! Which include: “If a man can’t rape his wife, who can he rape?”; and the Neanderthal crowd-pleaser: “There wouldn’t be an issue with domestic violence if women would learn to keep their mouths shut”. 

This is part of his testimony, and I am indebted to the excellent Alaskan blog, Mudflats, for her coverage. It beggars belief that Lady McBush’s political sense could be quite so power-addled as to nominate someone as abrasive, paranoid and bigoted as Wayne Anthony Ross to be Alaska’s lawyer-in-chief.

Here is an emotional exchange between Senator Donny Olson of Nome, and Mr. Ross that occured in the Senate Judiciary meeting yesterday afternoon. Senator Olson refers to Ross’ self designation as a “general” who is sent to fight the war, and let’s everyone know that “war” is the acronym of his initials.

Senator Donny Olson: There seems to be, at this point, a polarization of what’s going on because of different views and different agendas. [snip] You’ve talked today about some of the issues related to subsistence and rural preference, and how those people who didn’t have the financial resources had to go 5000 miles away to [Washington D.C.] to try to get something done with federal law that preempted state law. And what I see is that’s the problem with what’s going on here, and I’m afraid that your confirmation, and your sitting in that position as “the General”, that you’re not the one declaring the war, but you’re the one that’s going to have all the casualties under your command. [snip]

The problem that I see is that the casualties may be those people out there in rural Alaska that I represent, that I’ve had torrents of emails , and torrents of communication stating that they have difficulty with your appointment. And this is the allegation – that as an appointee looking for confirmation, the answers will be there to placate the legislature, until the confirmation is over, and then the war will really start. What do I say to those people who are out there who’ve got reams of statements that you’ve made that are put in the category of not being able to bring people together as you’ve talked about…where they’ve had to go to Washington D.C. to get some type of arrangement to continue to do what they’ve done for years? What do I say to them?

WAR: You don’t go to Washington D.C. anymore. Washington D.C. is not friends with Alaska. The General’s job is not to cause casualties with its own people. The General’s job is to win the war against the enemy. Alaskans should be working together. I’ve felt that the subsistence issue is very divisive . It could have been handled a long time ago without being divisive. But the problem with subsistence is that some people felt that they should have more rights than other people, and instead of sitting down and working out to make sure that subsistence was protected… you can’t have “those who have” and “those who have not” and not develop enemies.

OLSON: Would you say that once more, again?

WAR: If you say, “I’m better than you are. I should have a bigger car than you.” I’m not going to make friends with you by doing that. [*Please don't miss the irony of this statement coming from a man who drives a red Hummer with the vanity plate W A R.] But if we sit down and say “How can we arrange our transportation?” we can reach an agreement. We never did that.

Instead some people went off to Washington to try to get rights over others which was violative (sic) of our constitution. It wasn’t willing to handle it, in my opinion. And now we’ve got the federal government sticking its nose in the state of Alaska, and we need to realize that we’ve invited a giant to our state and that we need to work together to protect all of us from the giant. We’ve invited….have you seen the old Western movies where they get a new marshal in town and they bring the marshal in and he turns out to be far worse than they had before? That’s what we did. OK? And we can work out our problems . If we sit down and talk about what’s needed, we can work those out. As I told you at the very beginning, 95% of my cases were settled because even though there’s a lot of emotion in divorce cases, we were able to calm them down and get it worked out. But, you don’t invite the giant into your house, or the bear (if you want to say that) invite the bear in your house and expect not to get eaten up. We’re being eaten up and we need to get together.

Olson: I respectfully disagree with your allegation that we’ve invited the bear into the room. The “bear” you call, is the United States government and that’s what had to step in here, because state law was starting to run over the rank-and-file little guy out there that’s trying to make a living out there in rural Alaska! And if you say this place is better off without them around, I beg to disagree. That guy that voted for me out there, that may have even voted for the governor, does not have that same view. And he’s the guy on the lower end of the pecking order. You happen to be a well-to-do person, a respected person who’s got a lot of drive, and a lot going on. But some of the views you have…and as it was pointed out, you don’t call people “junk yard dogs” and try to rectify a situation, especially if it’s trying to help the guy out in Kipnuk.

WAR: I didn’t call anybody a junk yard dog. I said I was going to hire a junk yard dog to get the feds off our back, and that would have been my intention had I been elected governor, because I believe Alaskans should be working together. You don’t just represent the people out there, and that’s all the people you represent… You’re a senator. You represent all Alaskans and you should be working with other Alaskans to develop solutions, rather than going out and cryin’ to Mama out somewheres else, and saying, “Mom, you gotta help me.”

[Hat tip: Celtic Diva for her excellent reporting too]

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