The Devil Made Me Do It!

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Utah, justly famous for its incredible natural beauty, loopy Mormons, and heavily Republican-voting electorate is in the news again!

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Don Larsen, a GOP delegate from Springfield, has demanded that his party pass a resolution declaring their opposition to the Democratic party ”Hate America anti-Christian Open Borders cabal”, and condemning their role as nefarious puppets of none other than SATAN. 

“Don Larsen [...] is warning delegates that an “invisible government” comprised of left-wing foundations was pumping money into the Democratic Party to push for looser immigration laws and anti-family legislation.

“Larsen said Democrats get most of the votes cast by illegal immigrants and people in dysfunctional families.

It’s unclear to me how illegal immigrants, who can’t vote, are propping up the poll numbers of Democrats, but I suppose I’m missing the point, because, according to Larsen, this is all part of a demonic war to enslave and destroy America! Or something like that. And the “dysfunctional” Dems are merely the evil minions of Beelzebub:

“Satan’s ultimate goal is to destroy the family,” Larsen said, “and these people are playing a leading part in it.”

“Larsen’s resolution contained quotes from the New Testament on the battle between good and evil. The copy of the resolution handed to delegates stated it “fulfills scriptural prophecies about our times.”

Loony Larsen’s resolution was ultimately voted down. David Rodeback, a GOP delegate from American Fork, advised his fellow Utahans to forcefully reject the resolution, claiming it would do the party more harm than good.

“Rodeback said the religious language Larsen used would push people away from the GOP.

“Joel Wright, a Cedar Hills delegate, agreed. He said George W. Bush was able to win the presidency because he had 40 percent of the Latino vote, while John McCain was defeated when he only got 28 percent of Latino ballots.

‘”We are not going to be the majority party if we keep pushing the Latinos out,” Wright said.

“But Cameron Sevy, a Provo delegate, said the GOP shouldn’t be ashamed to say that America is a Christian nation.”

I’m not sure when exactly being Latino, and being Christian, became mutually exclusive, but Larsen floated a similar bill in 2007 and it too was voted down by his fellow delegates. Don Larsen is clearly delusional, fearful and paranoid- just the sort of person the country needs in public service! But at least he isn’t depressed. According to two new studies, Utahans, sadly, lead the nation in depression.

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