Religious People Say The Stupidest Things!

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It’s fair to say I spend a great deal of time mocking fundamentalist Christians and Roman Catholics, mainly because it’s fun and because so much of their dogma is patently retarded. However, I have stated before that the Dogoods are equal opportunity bitches, and now is the time to remind Muslims of that very mission statement.

Bahrain’s Gulf Daily News informs us that their Parliament has voted to outlaw, not spousal rape or domestic slavery, but witchcraft! 

“Witchcraft and sorcery could soon be outlawed, following allegations that suspicious packages containing hair, nails and even blood are being shipped to Bahrain.”

And apparently, it’s upsetting the postmen!

A narrow vote saw the amendment to Bahrain’s penal code approved, despite objections from a senior government official and some MPs. It means anyone caught practising witchcraft and sorcery could face jail and a fine, the punishment would be at the presiding judge’s discretion. Bahrain’s Minister of State for Parliament and Shura Council Affairs Abdulaziz Al Fadhel argued there was no clear definition of witchcraft or sorcery, and that the amendment is attempting to punish con artists who prey on the superstitious, which are already covered under existing charges of theft or embezzlement. Al Wefaq MP Mohammed Al Mizal concurred, saying even the Quran stated witchcraft and sorcery were visual effects that cheat the eye. 

However, Al Asala MP Ibrahim Busandal claimed that:

“This means there are witches and sorcerers waiting for those packages to do something that could harm those to whom it belongs.

“The Quran says they exist and everyone knows they do, so why are we opposing criminalising them if we know that there are people who would be affected by their witchcraft and sorcery?”

Whatever next, outlawing leprechauns? I think Monty Python has this covered, as ever.

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